Spring 2017 Round Up: New Course, New Comics, New Reviews!

I'm teaching an 8 week course at The Loft Literary Center this Summer starting June 14th. As of this posting you can still sign up and join my class in exploring how comics work and how to write visual narratives. I'm thrilled to be part of The Loft community. If this is something you've been thinking of doing, consider doing it now! All pertinent info here.

Also, in some welcome, if belated, news, My comic The Nightstand was shortlisted for Best Web Comic for the 5th Annual Cartoonist Studio Prize. I was beyond flattered to be listed alongside Glynnis Fawkes, Lauren Weinstein and my friend Jess Ruliffson, amongst other remarkable talents. 

Here is a long overdue review round-up as well from my post SPX media frenzy. Kidding. I'm really conservative about sending out my books, just because the costs really add up. But I was reviewed by Robert Clough on High-Low Here and Jonn Seven for The Beat over Here.  I was also interviewed by Alenka Figa for Women Write About Comics. All those sites and writers are awesome resources that you should be checking out on the reg. Lots of good stuff.

I should add that my solo show Passport came and went at The McGuffey Art Center this past March. I got excited by the number of people who really seemed to get what I was trying to do. I am just now today scanning the last pages of the first installment of this long form auto-bio comic. I'm excited to have this part of the story which covers my life in Athens Greece as a child together and packaged in a book, but am also reminded as I wrap this phase of the project up how far I have to go. I'm excited and nervous, which is agreat place to be.


First of all, WHHHHAAAAA! SPX IS OVER. And it was too short and way too much fun and I met all the good people and all the old friends. Everyone talks about how overwhelming the show is so I'll try not to beat a dead horse, but I came away from the show with a host of regrets: people I failed to reconnect with, books I failed to buy, trades that were not traded, drinks that were not drunk. BUT I also believe in everything in due time and there is only so much of that. The people I did meet, the books I managed to get my paws on: It was all meant to be. Andrea Tsurumi's Why Would You Do That? was the only book I planned on buying and I was not disappointed. It is so good: funny and dark, whimsical and true. In terms of aesthetics and tone it is almost as if Gary Larson cross pollinated with Shel Silverstein, but then again it is entirely her own and I loved every bit of it. 

Here is me eating breakfast with my official "SPX Comix Haul." Confession: this is staged. This is actually my husband's breakfast. I ate too many ribs last night so I could only handle coffee. AND while the coffee is mine, I don't drink it black. I just put it there for show. I had to take it back into the kitchen to add milk and sugar. My coffee tastes like a milkshake. Anyways, included in my haul is The Ultimate Laugh because I discovered Sara Lautman at SPX. And by discovered I mean we sat next to each other and I became slowly aware that not only was she an Ignatz nominee but also insanely talented, funny, prolific, learned, and wise. Don't worry, I totally kept my cool and now have to buy all her comics because I ate all of The Ultimate Laugh and I need more.  Also seen here is Meghan Turbitt's hilarious SELF, the harrowing and hopeful Flocks by L. Nichols, the ingenious The Film Empire Records From Memory by Cyn Why, and the deeply moving Wallpaper by Whit Taylor. Not pictured: A true regret. I forgot to get a copy of the new 3:00 Book from Beth Heiny. So that sucked.

There are more people and more comics than I can list here but ... what's that? You want to know about my book? Well, I have finally updated my Etsy and Store Envy shops with the new book, Over Ripe. It is a collection of short comics and the cover might be misleading. It's a sloppy gooey mess on the outside and fuzzy textured thing on the inside. Like an inverted puppy.

I also made these cute "hand bags" (get it) inspired by the hamsa. It's all part of this hand project I am working on and there will be more bags and stuff so if this design doesn't do it for you check in later.

Move Etc.

I wanted to post about the big changes that have been going on this summer, namely my move out of Charlottesville, Virginia and into Morgantown, West Virginia. It's a, big but exciting shift. Judge is now a professor at West Virginia University. I'm so thrilled for him and us. The move has meant leaving a remarkable cadre of friends and that for the first time in a while I'm not teaching. It feels weird not to have to worry about courses this semester, and I miss being in the classroom, but it's also an opportunity to double down in the studio and get the kind of work done that was challenging to tackle when I was overloading myself with 4–5 courses.   

Also I'll be SPX September 17–18! Find me right next to Birdcage Bottom Books  at table J10. I am so excited and if I keep on track I will have a ton of new and weird stuff to share this year. If you're in the area come out and and be part of what I now consider the absolute best comics show of the year.

In the meantime check out my store as it's newly stocked and I dropped some prices. SPX very well could be the last show I take The Lettuce Girl to because I doubt once my current stock runs out that I will take it back to print. SO if you aren't making it to SPX I would buy a copy soon. Notmany copies left from it's latest and potentially final run... 

Also in a last shameless effort in self-promotion I might as well mention that without a regular teaching schedule I am more focused on my freelance work. Obviously I'm always around for illustration and comic work, but something I advertise less if that I also specifically do a lot of work with self-publishers helping with their print and digital book production needs, interior design of manuscripts, cover design etc. So you know, I'm around.

See you at SPX. xo.

SPX: Where I'll be

SPX: Where I'll be


2014 was big for me. I finally finished The Lettuce Girl, got married, ran around the world, quit my job in publishing, and left New York City. We are now snug as bugs in Charlottesville, VA. It was semi-terrifying to leave the city where I had spent the last eight years of my life (for the record I'd never lived anywhere else for so long), but I shouldn't have worried, because things have been wonderful on the other side.

First of all, my comics heart never despairs as I am only a few blocks away from Telegraph, one of the best comic shops/print galleries in the country. Secondly, though it sucks to have to miss my NYC people, I have met and reconnected with truly brilliant, kind, talented, and funny people here. But perhaps the biggest news is that I have achieved my long time goal of full time teaching in higher education, as I am now adjunct faculty at James Madison University as well as Piedmont Virginia Community College.

Here are some highlights from the past six months:

I was interviewed by the talented Martha Woodruff for WMRA. You can listen to the interview here.

The Lettuce Girl Pt. IV made a couple of "Best Of" lists last year too: Robert Clough's for TCJ.com and John Seven's for Vermicious. I was also honored last fall when Andy Zeigert wrote a piece on the entire Lettuce Girl series for Festival Season.

My comics were also featured in a couple of gallery shows last Fall, including Comics at Columbia curated by the venerable Karen Green and We Tell Stories at SVA.

Looking forward to the next few months, I have a lot on my plate. I'm wrapping up my first semester with a full course load, which I'm not shy to admit has been intense and intensely consuming. But I have to finish up my new comic in time for festival season as well, so it's a juggle. I am attending MoCCA in NYC (table 216B - Second Floor) and TCAF in Toronto. In the much nearer future I will be on a Panel at this weekend's MACROCK festival in Harrisonburg discussing DIY Zines and Comics.

Viva VA.

The Lettuce Girl Pt. IV  sitting on a shelf all the way out in Chicago Comics. Photo Credit: Dave Kelly

The Lettuce Girl Pt. IV sitting on a shelf all the way out in Chicago Comics. Photo Credit: Dave Kelly


I just wanted to write a quick post about the show I am attending this weekend. I couldn't be more pumped to be exhibiting the second Locust Moon Comics Fest. It looks like such a beautiful and fun show. Will this be the prettiest space I have exhibited at since MoCCA retired the Puck building?  Probably. And it's being run by such charming and helpful people: Josh O'Neill and Chris Stevens, the folks who run Locust Moon the comics shop in West Philly. I've probably pestered all my Philadelphia people to death about this show already but all the details are below:

10 am – 6 pm
@ The Rotunda
4014 Walnut Street
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104

mini poster!

mini poster!






And here is a very useful table guide if you would like to find me: 

find me!  

find me!  

I will have my usual comics and bags and now I have pretty digital prints on nice archival paper. I think thats all the info I have for now. Check back here next week for a full report on how the show went!