Move Etc.

I wanted to post about the big changes that have been going on this summer, namely my move out of Charlottesville, Virginia and into Morgantown, West Virginia. It's a, big but exciting shift. Judge is now a professor at West Virginia University. I'm so thrilled for him and us. The move has meant leaving a remarkable cadre of friends and that for the first time in a while I'm not teaching. It feels weird not to have to worry about courses this semester, and I miss being in the classroom, but it's also an opportunity to double down in the studio and get the kind of work done that was challenging to tackle when I was overloading myself with 4–5 courses.   

Also I'll be SPX September 17–18! Find me right next to Birdcage Bottom Books  at table J10. I am so excited and if I keep on track I will have a ton of new and weird stuff to share this year. If you're in the area come out and and be part of what I now consider the absolute best comics show of the year.

In the meantime check out my store as it's newly stocked and I dropped some prices. SPX very well could be the last show I take The Lettuce Girl to because I doubt once my current stock runs out that I will take it back to print. SO if you aren't making it to SPX I would buy a copy soon. Notmany copies left from it's latest and potentially final run... 

Also in a last shameless effort in self-promotion I might as well mention that without a regular teaching schedule I am more focused on my freelance work. Obviously I'm always around for illustration and comic work, but something I advertise less if that I also specifically do a lot of work with self-publishers helping with their print and digital book production needs, interior design of manuscripts, cover design etc. So you know, I'm around.

See you at SPX. xo.

SPX: Where I'll be

SPX: Where I'll be