New Convention, Review, and Honorable Mention

Happy Almost June!

I have a few pieces of news to share. First up, my first review for The Lettuce Girl Pt. III is in. John Seven has reviewed it for the North Adams Transcript which means it appeared in an actual, honest-to-goodness, newspaper. That in and of itself is pretty cool, but his review is really insightful and I inadvertently get lumped in with Tom Gauld too! You can see a clipping below or read it online HERE.

Next up, I have been invited to participate in Locust Moon Comics Festival this October 5th and I couldn't be more excited. It is an excuse to go down to Philadelphia and see all the Philly Pholks and finally check out the Locust Moon storefront. So if you are in Philly on October 5th you MUST come. More details below and HERE.

And lastly, although I did not secure a SAW micro-grant this go 'round, I was very happy to included in their list of honorable mentions. Check out the winners and the other cartoonists who were mentioned. It is a very strong line-up so I was humbled to part of it. There is no doubt that there was a hole made in the wake of the the Xeric Grant and so it is good to see something like this being set into motion. In fact the whole of SAW is one big heart-melt for anyone who cares about independent comics, art comics, comics in general or just the arts. Support SAW, take a class, check it out. It's an arts education revolution in Florida!