For Born, Not Raised

" ...for such a small package, Born Not Raised is incredibly multi-faceted, presenting a creepy dream narrative, as well as an amusing childhood slice of life about bedtime that has a touch of foreboding to it and a few abstract pieces that will further your appreciation for Wiedeman’s talent for visual poetry. "
—John Seven for Vermicious

For The Lettuce Girl

"The entire story is an understated study in balance, in terms of the visuals, the narrative and the characters themselves."
—Rob Clough, High-Low

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Part II on The Sequential Tart

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Part IV on High-Low

"...Wiedeman taps into that symbolic resonance to create unusually intimate and psychologically rich versions of a classic tale’s iconic characters. The book has a lilting charm and idiosyncratic visual style which form a work of unexpected warmth and empathy..."
—Andy Zeigert, for Festival Season

"Wiedeman’s control over the pacing of the story is beautifully tyrannical; it is impossible to flip quickly through the comic. She is especially creative with the gutters, slicing pages into neat squares to replicate the imagery of a cage, nudging birds out of panels to create a sense of freedom and connection, and using the gutters as tools to mark movement to a new place, or the passage of time."
—Alenka Figa for Women Write About Comics

For The Deformitory

"The simple, but achingly strange black-and-white book links a series of stories about the sad, creepy residents of a tower-house called the Deformitory, home to creatures that don’t fit in anywhere else..."
—A.V. Club

The Comics Panel, The A.V. Club



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Photo Credit:  Brandy Somers , 2015

Photo Credit: Brandy Somers, 2015