Quarter Moon Magazine, Reviews, Summer, and Totes

I have been running around like crazy. I was writing/drawing a comic for Quarter Moon, the phenomenal Locust Moon quarterly comics magazine (due out July 19th) and then there was Grand St. Comics Fest (a total success - Read the best review here), followed closely by CAKE, an extended stay in Chicago, and then more of life's wonderful distractions. As with all things, there is now BEFORE June 2013, and an AFTER June 2013. I got a lot done that needed getting done.  

So this is an entry to rave about how pleased I am to be part of  Quarter Moon.  I got to take sneak peek at what is to come and it is beautiful. I love it when I am part of awesome books! You can read about the First Issue of this Locust Moon publication here and here. It is launching at their anniversary party on the 19th of July, so if you are Philly based you should go celebrate and check it out.

I can also share the two cool reviews I garnered for Lettuce Girl Pt. III. The estimable Rob Clough at Hi-Low (a little over half-way down) and the very cool Sheena McNeil for Sequential Tart. I have a lot of motivation to finish the series this year and these interested and encouraging reviews are not the least of them. I love feeling that what I make actually goes out there and is alive somehow.

In shop news I updated my Etsy so now you can get your mitts on my silk-screened "Braid Bag". I only have a handful left after my small flurry of shows, and I won't be re-printing this particular design so if you saw, liked it, and you wanted it, this is your chance: BRAID BAG.  

Otherwise I have a few more projects lined up for the summer and I have begun sketches for Lettuce Girl Pt. IV. I have rarely felt so ready to get something done as I do to conclude this series of comics. It feels like rounding off an amazing meal.

Sketching at CAKE. Phote Credit: Kenan Rubenstein, 2013

Sketching at CAKE. Phote Credit: Kenan Rubenstein, 2013