First Post on Newly Launched Site!

Hello and welcome to my fresh new site! Its a funny thing. I'm not sure how to use my blog feature as of yet. My previous blog still exist HERE and I am not sure if i should incorporate it or just leave it there and update here. If anyone has any opinions on blogging through squarespace vs. blogger please weigh in.

As for news there is plenty. I have been immersed in my new comic for months now. It was difficult getting this one drawn. But I think as my hold on the story and my skills in general improve the more I demand of work and the more time it takes. I am just now wrapping up inking. But then comes the painful corrections phase, the mind-numbing scanning phase and the vision-ruining formatting phase. Not to mention the cover the printing the binding etc. I love it. It will be done for MoCCA 2013. More on that soon!

Take a look at the work in progress:

tearing paper.

Strathmore,bristol board, 500 series, 4 ply, vellum. In case you were curious.

and this is what i put on it.