First of all, WHHHHAAAAA! SPX IS OVER. And it was too short and way too much fun and I met all the good people and all the old friends. Everyone talks about how overwhelming the show is so I'll try not to beat a dead horse, but I came away from the show with a host of regrets: people I failed to reconnect with, books I failed to buy, trades that were not traded, drinks that were not drunk. BUT I also believe in everything in due time and there is only so much of that. The people I did meet, the books I managed to get my paws on: It was all meant to be. Andrea Tsurumi's Why Would You Do That? was the only book I planned on buying and I was not disappointed. It is so good: funny and dark, whimsical and true. In terms of aesthetics and tone it is almost as if Gary Larson cross pollinated with Shel Silverstein, but then again it is entirely her own and I loved every bit of it. 

Here is me eating breakfast with my official "SPX Comix Haul." Confession: this is staged. This is actually my husband's breakfast. I ate too many ribs last night so I could only handle coffee. AND while the coffee is mine, I don't drink it black. I just put it there for show. I had to take it back into the kitchen to add milk and sugar. My coffee tastes like a milkshake. Anyways, included in my haul is The Ultimate Laugh because I discovered Sara Lautman at SPX. And by discovered I mean we sat next to each other and I became slowly aware that not only was she an Ignatz nominee but also insanely talented, funny, prolific, learned, and wise. Don't worry, I totally kept my cool and now have to buy all her comics because I ate all of The Ultimate Laugh and I need more.  Also seen here is Meghan Turbitt's hilarious SELF, the harrowing and hopeful Flocks by L. Nichols, the ingenious The Film Empire Records From Memory by Cyn Why, and the deeply moving Wallpaper by Whit Taylor. Not pictured: A true regret. I forgot to get a copy of the new 3:00 Book from Beth Heiny. So that sucked.

There are more people and more comics than I can list here but ... what's that? You want to know about my book? Well, I have finally updated my Etsy and Store Envy shops with the new book, Over Ripe. It is a collection of short comics and the cover might be misleading. It's a sloppy gooey mess on the outside and fuzzy textured thing on the inside. Like an inverted puppy.

I also made these cute "hand bags" (get it) inspired by the hamsa. It's all part of this hand project I am working on and there will be more bags and stuff so if this design doesn't do it for you check in later.